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Cirrus Communities is a business unit of Cirrus Communications and has been delivering Internet services into residential communities for 10 years. It has built both wireless and wired networks from the ground up in some of the most challenging wireless environments in the country. But Cirrus doesn't just build networks - it also operates them - and so has an intimate understanding of how to make these networks work.

Student Accommodation

A key focus from Cirrus Communities has been on student accommodation complexes. In Cirrus' experience these communities are the most demanding users - with a strong dependence on the speed and quality of the services.

Apartments, Estates, Events

Cirrus Communities delivers services to residential homes and communities across the country. Clients include homes and apartment buildings previously without adequate broadband, residential estates that the fibre "doesn't reach", and short term events such as conferences, sports events and trade shows.

Leveraging Cirrus Communications' Resources

Cirrus Communities leverages the resources of Cirrus Communications - an infrastructure-based telecommunications carrier with the ability to get Internet capacity where it is needed. Its 24/7 Network Operations Centre is used to ensure that the services are kept operating all the time.

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