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  • What sort of options are there and is it flexible? +

    Whilst Cirrus has a number of standard solutions, it considers each community on a case-by-case basis. Some communities already have established networks and potentially even pricing structures. Other communities include members that have excellent skills and can put together many elements of a solution themselves. There are three key elements to a Cirrus service. Broadly, at its core, every Cirrus solution has an Internet service. Next there is an account management and billing solution. Finally there is end-user support - assistance with configuring their computers, phones and tablets.
  • How is support provided? +

    Two teams support Cirrus Communities services. The Network Operations Centre is responsible for ensuring that the network (the network providing Internet to the community as well as the network - including wireless access points - within the community) as well as all supporting operating systems (such as the billing system). This team operates 24x7. The Service Desk is responsible for dealing with end-user technical and administrative queries. It offers services, both over the phone, as well as through on-the-ground staff. It is Cirrus' experience that a resource on the ground is often the most effective way to solve a user's problems.
  • I don't have a WiFi network. How do I get one? +

    It is Cirrus' experience that given a choice, the vast majority of users will choose to use wireless on their device, rather than an ethernet cable. Indeed, many new laptops now no longer offer a physical ethernet port as an option. People also expect to be able to use their smart phones and tablets without having to pay extremely high mobile service fees. In Cirrus' view, the provision of wireless access will become increasingly critical for communities in the coming years. Cirrus has the ability to design, build and operate wireless networks. These networks integrate seamlessly into its offerings. The commercial models vary, however Cirrus does include some financing options.
  • Does the community need to enter into a contract with Cirrus? +

    Cirrus does not normally require a community to enter into a contract. It is Cirrus' experience that the relationship works much better when two parties want to work together to build effective solutions.
  • Do you have a Service Level Agreement? +

    Cirrus negotiates a Service Level Agreement with most of its community customers. The Service Level Agreement covers network "uptime" and committed data rates as well as, if appropriate, how quickly the Cirrus team responds to requests for assistance.
  • Can you provide references? +

    Cirrus provides services to communities in all of the eastern states. Cirrus can provide references on request.
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