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Service disruption credit request

Threshold Service means a Service that provides:
  • access to the internet;
  • a peak Data Speed of at least 256 kbps to the Customer and 64 kbps from the Customer;
  • average data download and upload speeds of at least 60 per cent of these peak speeds at least 75 per cent of the time as measured according to a prescribed Metro Broadband Connect testing schedule for test computers located in different geographic regions described in Section;
  • a minimum monthly usage allowance (download and upload) of at least 500 MB;
  • availability 99 per cent of the time, averaged over a quarterly period;
  • free 24 hour fault reporting;
  • staffed helpdesk services as agreed between DCITA and the Service Provider;
  • where Customer data usage limits apply, Customer data usage information is to be updated at least once per day;
  • the ability, upon request of the Customer, to inform the Customer of current usage and any associated costs; and either:

Customer information:

Customer name:
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Start date of disruption:
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